Customer Support Even on the Go!

FamilyTime offers you in-app support : get customer support right when you need it!

what is in-app support?

  • In-app Communication

    Use in-app chat to communicate with our dedicated Support Experts whenever you want some help.

  • In-app Notifications

    Get notifications and stay up-to-date with out in-app notifications about policy changes and everything you need to know.

  • In-app Searchable FAQs

    Got caught up in a fix? Quickly get answers to frequently asked questions right there in the app. Up-to-date and readable offline.

  • In-app Feedback

    Your feedback is important to us. Like a certain feature? Want to suggest a new feature? Let us know instantly with in-app feedback option.

how in-app support helps

  • Help’s Right There

    Your child just sent you a panic alert but you don’t know how to see location stats. You don’t have time to toy with the app so simply swipe up and get connected to a Support Expert instantly!

  • As Easy as Write, Send, Receive

    No need to exit the app and rush to the website to get help from our Support Experts. You can chat with them 24/7 in the app!

  • Help Yourself

    Why waste time submitting a query and getting answers from the support guys when you can simply check in-app searchable FAQs yourself?

  • Rate as You Please

    Help us getting better by telling us what we do best and what we need to work on by telling us right there and then!

Great Chemistry With Android, Kindle & iOS

  • Android Devices OS 4.0 and above

  • Kindle Fire Devices OS 4.0 and above

  • iPhones Devices iOS 8 and above

Want to Know More ?

  • Read FAQs

    Read our compilation of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers to troubleshoot problems instantly.

  • Privacy Policy

    Want to know what data we log and how we use it? Read out Privacy Policy to know how we ensure user privacy.

  • Live Chat

    Talk to one of our dedicated support agents anytime and get any of your product-related issues resolved.

  • How it works

    It works seamlessly, once installed. Still troubled? Read through our HOW IT WORKS guide for detailed apprehension.