FamilyTime Product Tour

  • FamilyTime Dashboard

    A beautiful and intuitive interface to help you monitor and manage your children’s digital activities - all in one place!

  • Location History

    An ingenious way to keep tabs on your kids and teen – track their location history on the map and see list of all places they visited with time & date stamps.

  • Places

    Keep track of all the dangerous or suspicious places that you don’t want your children to visit. Check the time and date of their visit and see locations on the map.

  • Text Messages

    Monitor all messages sent and received by your kids and teens with full content and time & date stamps.

  • Call History

    Check who are your children in contact with Call History logs - a list of all incoming and outgoing calls with details like name & number of caller and time & date stamps.

  • Contacts

    Go through your children’s phone contacts remotely. Check all the contacts saved in their device with complete details and email IDs associated with them.

  • Bookmarks

    Go through all the bookmarks your children have saved on their mobile devices with complete URLs.

  • Web History

    Track your children’s mobile web history logs sorted date-wise. Get complete list of all the websites they visited on their mobile browsers with URLs.

  • Installed Apps

    Check all the apps installed on your children’s mobile devices. Get a complete list of all the apps with details like app version and date of installation.

  • Settings

    Adjust settings and set parental controls the way you like. You can set different setting for each child profile added to your account.

  • Add Places

    Define one or more places that you want to know instantly about if your children visit them. Add places the list and get instant alerts as soon as your children enter or leave those places.

  • Access Control

  • Blacklist Apps

  • Watchlisted Contacts

  • Update Profile

  • Set Device Passcode

Pair up FamilyTime app with FamilyTime dashboard

  • Parent’s Phone FamilyTime – Dashboard
    Parent’s Phone
    (FamilyTime – Dashboard)
  • Child’s Phone FamilyTime App for Children
  • connection
    Child’s Phone
    (FamilyTime App for Children)
Download FamilyTime - Dashboard on your iOS or Android device and download FamilyTime app on your child’s phone. Now activate FamilyTime app on your Child’s phone. Enter the Activation Code mentioned under that Child profile on your FamilyTime – Dashboard.
  •  FamilyTime – Dashboard  Parent’s Phone pick code
    Parent’s Phone
    (FamilyTime – Dashboard)
    Check the Activation code on your FamilyTime - Dashboard
  • Arow
  •  FamilyTime – Dashboard  Parent’s Phone putt code
    Child’s Phone
    (FamilyTime App for Children)
    Enter that Code in the FamilyTime App on Child’s Phone

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Cross- platform compatibility

FamilyTime - Dashboard is a cross-platform parental control app. This means that if you’re using FamilyTime - Dashboard on your iOS device, you can still use it to monitor and set parental controls on your child’s iOS, Fire OS or Android device. Same goes for FamilyTime - Dashboard on Android: you can use it to monitor and manage your child’s Android and iOS devices.

Great chemistry with ios devices

  • Android Devices OS 4.3 and above

  • iPhones Devices iOS 8 and above

FamilyTime Works with All

An all-in-one parental control app that works on all the devices & networks all around the world