FamilyTime Parental Controls - Take No Risks

When it comes to your children and their safety, you can’t let anything come in between!

Parenting With Peace of Mind

  • Location Tracking

    Why call your kids every 30 minutes to ask where they are? Track location to know their whereabouts instantly!

  • Powerful Geo-Fencing

    Add certain places to Watchlist and create Geo-fences. Get instant alerts when they reach or leave those places.

  • Contacts Filtering

    Keep track of their saved contacts in phone and add dangerous contacts to Watchlist and get alerts when they call.

  • App Blocking

    Keep a check on what kind of apps your kids have in their mobile devices and block inappropriate, dangerous apps.

  • Screen Time Limits

    Regulate your children’s phone usage. Define screen time rules and bar your kids from using phones at night.

  • Restrict Over-speeding

    Bar your teens from over-speeding and define a speeding limit. Get instant alerts when they violate speed limits!

What Our Customers Say About Us!

Kenzie Murnan

Glitch free application The app works great. I love the feature of geo fencing. Because these feature save me from a lot of hassles of calling my kid again and again. I can now work peacefully while staying updated about my kids location. Till date the app works great and sends right notification.

Features that make FamilyTime

The World’s a Dangerous Place

  • Drugs & Alcohol Abuse

    Teens can get tempted to try drugs and alcohol and this addiction could destroy their education and career.

  • Hate Calls

    Hate calls are the leading cause of depression and other mental illnesses in teens today damaging their personality.

  • Cyber Threats

    Cyber bullying could lead to your children committing suicide if their Internet behavior is not closely monitored.

  • Car Accidents

    Every year, thousands of teens die due to over-speeding, drunk driving and texting while driving.

  • Dating Violence

    With children as young as 8 dating actively, there are high chances of rape and assault on dates.

  • Teen Kidnapping

    Pubs, bars and casinos are the most notorious places for kids going missing, getting raped or forced into juvenile crimes.

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Why FamilyTime is the Best

  • Remote Control

    Log into your online FamilyTime account from any web-enabled device and enjoy Family Time anytime; anywhere! 

  • Automatic Updates

    We keep making FamilyTime better and better. Get automatic updates as we roll them to always get the best!

  • Your Privacy; Our Priority

    We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. We don’t sell or publish your data at any cost. Your privacy is our priority! 

  • All Devices; One Dashboard

    Add as many family members as you want to your FamilyTime Dashboard and see all their reports from a single dashboard!

  • Premium Support

    We never leave you in a fix! Get all your product-related issues resolved by our dedicated support agents instantly! 

  • Data Security

    Don’t worry; your data is safe with us over our highly secure servers. We take all measures to make our servers impenetrable.