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Cross-platform Compatibility (Android to iPhone)

I have an Android but my daughter/son has iPhone, will this app work for us?

This is one of the concerns most parents have before using the app. Well, the answer is yes, absolutely! If you have an Android phone but want to monitor your child who has an iPhone, you can use FamilyTime and it works perfectly fine! Here is how:

Step - 1

Download the FamilyTime – Dashboard app for Android or log into your FamilyTime Web Dashboard

Step - 2

From your child’s iPhone, install FamilyTime Child App for iOS.

Step - 3

Activate and pair the device to your FamilyTime account. Click here to know more.
And you’re all done! Now you can use FamilyTime from your Android device to monitor and set parental controls on your child’s iPhone. It’s simple as that!