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How to Setup / Use Speed Limit on iOS Devices

Follow these very easy step-by- step instructions to set up Speed Limit on your child’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices:

Step - 1

Log into your FamilyTime web dashboard or open your FamilyTime - Dashboard app.

Step - 2

Select the child profile you want to set up Speed Limit and tap Settings.

Step - 3

From the list, select Speed Alerts under the Notifications section.

Step - 4

Toggle on the option for the Speed Alerts. You will now get instant alerts as your children over-speed.

How to Use Speed Limit on iOS Devices

Step - 1

While you’re still in the Settings menu, tap Speed Limit under the Family Care section.

Step - 2

Make sure the Enable Speed Limit option on the top-right corner of the screen is toggled on.

Step - 3

As you toggle the Enable Speed Limit option, you can now define your speed limit to get alerts as your child over-speeds.

Step - 4

Enter the speed limit you wish to set for your child here.

Step - 5

Tap Save once you’re done. You’re all set! Now you will get over-speed alerts every time your child exceeds the defined speed limit.

Step - 6

Don’t forget to tap Sync Settings to save your settings otherwise the feature will take longer to work on the child’s device.

Step - 7

The settings have been synced and you’re all set!

Step - 8

You will get an alert like this as your child over-speeds. You can check the date & time stamps and your child’s current speed. You can also check the current location on this alert, too. Tap OK to exit.

How Speed Limit Helps

Here are some of the ways Speed Limit can help you:
  • If you have allowed your kids to drive without you, Speed Limit alerts will help you make sure that they drive safe.
  • By setting Speed Limit alerts, your kids would know better than driving fast because you’re going to know. This can bring down the urge to over-speed.
  • You don’t have to worry without a reason when your kids take the car because if they over-speed, you’d know about it instantly.

Best Practices – Tips to Using Speed Limit

Here are some the useful tips to make the most of this useful feature:
  • Set different speed alerts for your each of your children, depending on their age. If they’re new at driving, setting a low speed limit will help them drive even safe.
  • You can negotiate terms of over-speeding with your children. If you get 3 speed limit alerts from a child, he/she doesn’t get to drive for a week.
  • You can easily change the speed limit on their devices during exam season or when they’re going out on a trip with friends or any other time you suspect them to drive recklessly.
  • You can even set reward system: if your children don’t over-speed in a month, they get a bonus!