knowledge-base Features How to Setup / Use Location History Monitoring on Android Devices

How to Setup / Use Location History Monitoring on Android Devices

Location History monitoring gives parents the power to check on their children’s whereabouts anytime they want.

How to Setup Location History Feature

Follow these very easy instructions to setup Location History monitoring on your child’s Android smartphone or tablet:

Step - 1

On your child’s Android device, tap Settings.

Step - 2

Tap Location from the list under the section, Personal.

Step - 3

Toggle on the location option on the top of the screen.

Step - 4

You will see the FamilyTime Child App logo turn active. This means the location tracking is activated on the device.

Step - 5

Now from your mobile device, tap FamilyTime –Dashboard to launch the parents app.

Step - 6

Log into your FamilyTime web dashboard or open your FamilyTime - Dashboard app.

Step - 7

Select the child profile you want to setup Location History tracking and tap Settings.

Step - 8

Under the section, Family Watch, you will see that the Locations option is turned on by default. It should be turned on to get the feature work properly. Tap the ‘back arrow’ sign to navigate back to Dashboard.

How to Use Location History Feature

Here is how to track location history on your child’s device:

Step - 1

Select the child profile you want to track Location History and tap Reports.

Step - 2

From the left bar menu, tap Location History from the list.

Step - 3

And here you go! You will see a list of all the places your child has visited in a given time. What’s more, you can track those places on the map. The location history is sorted date-wise so you can easily get to check the places your child visited a day. Other details include time of visit and how much time your child spent at each location. You can also get full location address with GPS coordinates as well.

How Location History Tracking Helps

You can use this intuitive feature in a variety of ways to make your parenting easier and effective. Here are some of the ways Location History tracking can help you:
  • Gives you power to check on your children’s whereabouts.
  • Saves you from the fear and anxiety of not knowing where your children might be at ant point of time.
  • Lets you track them to know they reached their destination safely when you’re not with them.

Best Practices – Tips to Location History Tracking

Location History tracking is an adaptable feature that you can use as it fits your needs. Here are some the useful tips to make the most of this useful feature:
  • When you’re not driving your children, always track their location to make sure if they have reached their destination safely.
  • This way, you can even know if your children really are where they should have been. You can easily know if your children went to some party but telling you they’d be at their friend’s studying.
  • If they are still not home, check on their location history logs to know where they are and can easily find how much it will take them to reach home.
  • When you’re out of town on some business or private trip, track their location history to know everything is fine at home and children are sticking to the routine.