FamilyTime Over-speed Alerts

Ensure safety of your teens and aging loved ones and know if they drive too fast

What are Over-Speeding Alerts?

  • Set Speed Limits

    Logging into your Family Time - Dashboard, you can set speed limits that you won’t want your teens to violate.

  • Get Over-Speed Alerts

    Get instant push-notification on your mobile devices and your FamilyTime Web portal when your teens violate speed limits. limits.

How Over-Speed Alerts Help

  • Ensure Safe Driving

    Finally allowed your kids to drive without you? Make sure that they drive safe by setting speed limits for them

  • Avert Road Accidents

    By setting speed alerts, your kids would know better than driving fast because you’re going to know. This can bring down the urge to over-speed.

  • Worry Less

    You don’t have to worry without a reason when your kids take the car because if they over-speed, you’d know about it instantly!

  • Aging Parents’ Safety

    If your aging parents still drive, you can set speed limits to make sure they drive slow and safe.

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