Limit Screen Time for iOS

Manage the time your children spend on their iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch Devices

Define Rules – Set Them Once, We Do the Rest!

Now define your own rules selecting which apps to disable and for what time from your Familytime – Dashboard and your kids won’t be able to access the apps during those hours. Set it once and forget!


Now you can specify the sleep hours on your FamilyTime - Dashboard for each child and block apps on their iOS devices during night hours. Create different bed times for each child device and don’t worry; the apps will get unlocked automatically after the bed time ends. Now you have a way to make sure that they get a good, sound sleep!

Dinner Time

Dinner time can be a great family time unless your kids get too busy with their mobile devices. But when you can limit their apps during dinner time, they won’t have a choice but to interact with each other and enjoy their meal. Set the timeframe for the Dinner Time and limit apps during those hours. 

Homework Time

You can make sure that your teens don’t use their phones during study hours because now you can simply block Safari and other apps during those hours with just a tap! This means they won’t be distracted by the endless social media networking and can finally concentrate on their homework. Create different time brackets for each child device; it’s all up to you!

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Screen Time Control – The Smart Way to Control Screen Addiction

FamilyTime brings you the unique way to control screen time addiction in your children. With a few clicks, block the Internet and distracting apps on their iOS devices and you have their undivided attention!

Define Rules

You can define as many rules as you like, Define rules for Homework Time, Dinner Time, Bed Time or more. Simply select a start and finish time and select the days for the rule and you’re all set! FamilyTime will automatically disable those apps for that period of time!

Block Internet Surfing

You can remotely disable Safari app on their iOS devices so they can’t surf the Internet. This way, they won’t be able to browse websites until they’re done with their homework or pending chores.

Block System and 3rd Party Apps

You can even block system apps like Camera, Safari and iTunes Store and can also block all 3rd party apps available on the App Store. FamilyTime will automatically disable these apps for the time period you selected. No more social media apps distracting them during meal times!