FamilyTime Web History Tracking

Keep an eye on your kids’ online behavior by tracking their browser history on their mobile devices

What is Web History Tracking?

  • Web History

    FamilyTime lets you track which websites your children view via the standard browser on their smartphones or tablets.

  • Browsing Frequency

    You can also check the number of times a particular website was visited by your children over a period of time.

  • Website URLs

    Browser history monitoring feature enlists complete website URLs including the particular page visited on the website.

  • Time & Date Stamps

    With FamilyTime installed on their mobile devices, you can check the time & date stamps for each website visited.

How Web History Tracking Helps

  • Violent/Misleading Content

    Safeguard your children from websites containing misleading or violent content by tracking their browsing history.

  • Late Night Browsing

    Bar your teens from browsing too much Internet late night by checking the time & date stamps with FamilyTime.

  • Porn Addiction

    Protect your kids from getting addicted to adult websites by regularly monitoring their browsing history and number of times they visit those sites.

  • Binge Browsing

    Are your children getting hooked to a particular site and browse it for hours at a stretch? Find out by tracking their browser history.

Great Chemistry With Android & Kindle

  • Android Devices OS 4.0 and above

  • Kindle Fire Devices OS 4.0 and above

Note: Internet History Report may not avail for devices running android 6.x and above.

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