Content Filters – Block Unsafe Content

Want to make sure your kids and teens don’t get access to age-inappropriate and unsafe content on their mobile devices? FamilyTime brings you Content Filters so you can remotely restrict adult content like movies, TV shows and apps on their smartphones or tablets.

Content Filters – Filter Out the Unsafe, Adult Content Because Your Kids Won’tNew

Don’t let the adult, unsafe content tempt your kids and teens. Filter content like TV shows, movies and apps so they can have a clean and safe mobile experience.
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Content Filters on iPhone / iPad

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Being a working mom I always found it difficult to keep tabs on my teens online activities but the FamilyTime app has made me make my way.

How FamilyTime Content Filter Give You Peace of Mind

FamilyTime gives you the ultimate control- either restrict all adult content from iTunes and iBooks including films, TV shows, or Erotica or only allow selective content based on content ratings for each category. If a film has rating that you have restricted, it won’t show up in their iTunes store!

Filter Out Adult Movies

Not every movie is suitable for children to watch – some contain a few scene that may not be appropriate for their watching while some movies are explicit and only meant for adults. To make sure your kids only get access to movies meant for their age group, FamilyTime brings content filtering based on content ratings. You can choose which movies are allowed based on the movie ratings.

Restrict TV Shows with mature Content

Many TV shows contain sexual references, crude language and innuendos and may not be suitable for children. And that’s why these programs are rated on a ranking system that warns parents to be cautious about such content. With FamilyTime content filters, you can easily restrict content that has mature content.

Allow Apps with Age-Appropriate Ranking

Getting your child an iPhone or iPad means giving them access to all the apps available on the App Store. While some may be educational or entertaining; others could be explicit and not suitable for their age. To make sure your children don’t install any sexting or dating apps when they shouldn’t be, only allow apps that have ratings that suggest they are suitable for use for all ages.

Block Explicit Content on iTunes

Just so that your kids or teens would only see safe content on iTunes, FamilyTime Content Filters for iOS allows you to restrict explicit content on your children’s iOS devices. They won’t be able to access any adult content on iTunes including Music, Podcasts and more. This will help you with easy and swift content filtering.

Restrict Erotica in iBooks

Don’t want tour kids and teens to be reading adult fiction and downloading adult books from the iBooks? Simple toggle off the Allow Erotica in the iBooks option from the Content Filters menu and they won’t be able to access any erotic fiction on the iBooks.

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How to Set Up & Use Content Filters on iPhone / iPad

FamilyTime Content Filters feature is easy to set up and use. Follow these simple steps and FamilyTime’s got you covered!

Pair the Device

Pair FamilyTime child app by installing FamilyTime Profile on your child's iPhone. Click here to read step-wise instructions to pair the device. To install FamilyTime - Dashboard app, click here.

Filter Content

Now from your Familytime – Dashboard, tap Settings under the child profile (s) and tap Content Filters. You can now select Films, TV Shows or Apps from the menu and set your desired rating restrictions. You can restrict all content or based on the rating restrictions in each category.

Sync Settings

Don’t forget to sync settings so FamilyTime can block those apps on your child’s iOS device. After blocking apps, go back to the settings and tap Sync Setting from the menu. You’re all done; the content won’t be accessible on your child’s iPhone or iPad.

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