FamilyTime Access Control – Limit Screen Time

Manage the time your kids spend on their tablets and smart phones

Pre-defined Rules: Select, Get Set, Go!

Our customers love our Pre-defined rules! They are easy to use and easier to adjust. Toggle the pre-defined rules and adjust start and end time for each rule and you’re all good to go.


It’s hard to put your teens to bed and make them take ample sleep. Funny videos, online games and the social apps can keep them awake all night long. But now you have a smart solution: specify the sleep hours on your FamilyTime Dashboard for each child and limit access to their phones during night hours. Create different bed times for each child device and don’t worry; their phones will get unlocked after the bedtime ends automatically. Now you have a way to make sure that they get a good, sound sleep!

Dinner Time

Dinner time can be a great family time unless your kids get too busy with their mobile devices. But when you can limit their phone access during dinner time, they won’t have a choice but to interact with each other and enjoy their meal. Set the timeframe for the Dinner Time and limit screen time during those hours.

Homework Time

You can make sure that your teens don’t use their phones during study hours because now you can simply limit screen time during those hours with just a tap! This means they won’t be distracted by the endless social media networking and can finally concentrate on their homework. Create different time brackets for each child device; it’s all up to you!

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Define Custom Rules – Your Home; Your Rules!

Define as many custom rules as you like for each child device and use along with the pre-defined rules.

Custom Family Rules

The best thing about FamilyTime is that you can define your own rules. Want some more rules along with the pre-defined ones? Simply set the start and end times and select days from your online dashboard for each child and you’re all done. You can define as many rules as you like and can disable or delete one or more, any time.

Smart Phone Lock: Instantly Lock Devices of Your Children

Remotely lock their mobile devices from your Dashboard when you feel they should disconnect from their devices.

Family Pause

You can easily lock phone of your children remotely from your Dashboard for a few hours till they complete their chores or during a family activity. Unlocking devices is just as easy: enter the password on their devices and the devices are unlocked.

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