FamilyTime-Dashboard Permissions

What are Android permissions and why FamilyTime – Dashboard needs them?

At FamilyTime, we strive to make FamilyTime - Dashboard easy to use for parents. In order to run properly and make your app usage easy and hassle-free, FamilyTime - Dashboard collects some information from the parents’ mobile devices. Depending on the OS, here are the permissions FamilyTime - Dashboard will ask before installing.

FamilyTime – Dashboard Permissions for Android

As you download the app, FamilyTime - Dashboard will ask to access the following on Android devices:

GPS location

FamilyTime - Dashboard accesses phone location to facilitate parents in adding places to the Geo-fenced Places list. Accessing location is needed to initiate Google Maps on the app so parents can easily add places they want to get alerts from the app sitting on child device. For example, if the parents need to add a restaurant near the home in the Places list, the app will show the map of the places nearby your home.

USB Storage

FamilyTime - Dashboard will modify/delete SD Card contents. To work properly, the app uses very little space on the phone’s internal memory and may have to modify or delete the content it stores of the internal memory. Although all data is saved on the cloud, it still takes up some space on the device’s internal memory. FamilyTime does not cause a dent on the device’s memory, however.

Network Connection- Full Access

As FamilyTime - Dashboard access data from our online servers, the app requires full access to receive data from the Internet and also view the network connections.

Prevent Phone from Sleeping

FamilyTime - Dashboard app needs this permission to prevent your screen from turning off while you're using the app.