FamilyTime – Child App Permissions on iOS

What are iOS permissions and why FamilyTime – Child App needs them?

At FamilyTime, we strive to make FamilyTime an easy to use app. In order to run properly and let parents monitor and manage their child’s phone usage and location, FamilyTime- Child App collects certain data and information from the child’s mobile devices to make it accessible to parents’ Dashboard. Here are the permissions FamilyTime – Child App will ask before installing on iOS devices.

Location History

FamilyTime needs to periodically store your location in your account for use by FamilyTime.
There are 2 types of location information that will be logged by FamilyTime – approximate location (network-based) and precise location (GPS and network-based). Location history will be turned on for the child’s device. FamilyTime will access child device’s information even when it’s not in use. FamilyTime will turn on the location sharing option on the device even if it’s turned off manually.

USB Storage

FamilyTime will use some of the internal memory on the child’s device to perform its functions properly.
Although all data’s saved on the cloud, it still takes up some space on the device’s internal memory. FamilyTime does not cause a dent on the device’s memory, however.

FamilyTime application would like to:

Run at Startup

Every time the phone starts up, FamilyTime will start running automatically. It’ll start logging the accessed activity.
FamilyTime will access information from the child’s device even when it’s not in use.

Prevent Device from Sleeping

FamilyTime will prevent this device from sleeping. Even if the phone is idle and in sleep mode, FamilyTime will keep running in the background.
FamilyTime will upload all accessed activity from this device to our servers after every 20 minutes. This 20-minute gap ensures that the application does not drain battery significantly. It checks for any new accessible activity after every 5 minutes but uploads it only after 20 minutes.