Data Collected through FamilyTime App

What does the FamilyTime application that sits on the child’s mobile device do?

This application makes sure that monitoring and blocking activities take place correctly. Most of the clever stuff happens on the Internet and via the FamilyTime - Dashboard so this app is nice and small. But it is necessary to have it on the smartphone or tablet of your children for FamilyTime to work.

Data collected through use of the Service

FamilyTime will pull the following information (Accessed Activities) from the child’s mobile device and make it accessible to the FamilyTime - Dashboard:
We collect your location through GPS, WiFi, or wireless network triangulation in order to obtain your location for the purposes of providing our Service. We collect the location of your designated “Places” to provide alerts when family members arrive and leave. While you are logged in to your account, we will continue to collect your location information in order to provide the Service. We maintain location information only so long as is reasonable to provide the Service and then destroy the location data.
There are two types of location information that will be logged by FamilyTime – approximate location (network-based) and precise location (GPS and network-based). Location history will be turned on for this device and will be accessible to the FamilyTime - Dashboard account connected with this account. FamilyTime will access your information even when you’re not using it. FamilyTime will turn on the location sharing option on your device even if you turn it off manually.

Call Logs and Contacts

We will collect call history and contacts saved in the child’s phone or tablet. We will collect the incoming and outgoing calls, the name and number of caller (if it’s saved in the device) and the time and date for each call.
All contact saved in the device of your child will be logged along with details like names and any associated e-mail IDs.
FamilyTime will pull all contacts and phone call history when you sign into the app the first time. If some contact is deleted from the FamilyTime app residing in this app, it will not get deleted from our servers and therefore will continue to be accessible on the FamilyTime - Dashboard account connected with this account. Any contact added or subsequent calls will be uploaded to the server after every 20 minutes to our servers.

Internet Bookmarks and Browser History

FamilyTime will log the online bookmarks and browser history on the device’s primary browser. All websites browsed on your child’s device along with complete URLs and time & date stamps will be logged.
Internet history and bookmarks will only be logged from the device’s native browser – the browser that comes pre-installed on the device. Any other browser that is installed from the app store will not be logged. Any Internet browsing will be logged if it’s not deleted within 5 minutes of being browsing and shall be permanently accessible on our servers to the FamilyTime - Dashboard.

Calendar and Alarm

FamilyTime will access the calendar and alarm apps on the child’s mobile device.