Monitoring Contacts

How to monitor contacts my child has saved in mobile devices?

Monitoring contacts is pretty easy with FamilyTime. As you sign into your FamilyTime account from Web or simply open your FamilyTime - Dashboard app, tap on the Reports button under the contact in your FamilyCircle and from the menu, select Contacts.

Contacts mirror the call logs on your child’s phone. You can see all the saved contacts with names and other details in the form of list.
When you install FamilyTime for the first time, your account will synchronize with the address book on the child’s mobile device. This may take a few seconds or a few minutes. FamilyTime will pull all contacts and phone call history when you sign into the app the first time. If some contact is deleted from the FamilyTime app residing in this app, it will not get deleted from our servers and therefore will continue to be accessible on the FamilyTime - Dashboard account connected with this account. Any contact added or subsequent calls will be uploaded to the server after every 20 minutes to our servers.