Geo-fence Places

How do I add certain places to Geo-Fenced Places?

You can add any place to your FamilyTime Watchlist Places list and create a virtual perimeter for a real-world geographic area or simply a geo-fence.
You can enable the Watchlist Places by going to your Settings button under that particular contact. Now type in the address, place name and select the diameter of the Geo-fence. When you’re done, tap on the Add Place and the place is added.

Due to some of the challenges with the accuracy mobile devices it is suggested that you do not make the size of the Geo-fence too small otherwise you will receive a lot of false positives, particularly if your child has an older model device or their GPS is not active.
You can add places to the Watchlist such as Home or School. They can also be set up as an exclusion zone, for example if they left the area they normally roam on a weekly basis. You can then view the report on the Geo-fenced Places.