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What is FamilyTime – Child Dashbaord?

FamilyTime – Child Dasboard is meant to be installed on your child’s smartphone. It collects phone usage info like phone logs, contacts, etc.

Confirming FamilyTime Account Status

To answer this, we must first understand what it means to have a FamilyTime account in good standing.

Adding Child Profile(s)

There is no limit to adding phones to your account. You can add as many children to your account. You don’t need to start from scratch and set up a whole new...

Changing Account Password

After you create an account with us, we will email you your username and password. That will be the password you’d have to use to log into the account.

Setting up Child Profile(s)

As you get done with installing the app and activating it on your child’s phone, you can edit the profile and adjust settings for that profile.

Viewing Web History

Monitoring browser history on your child’s phone is pretty easy with FamilyTime. As you sign into your FamilyTime account from Web or simply open your FamilyTime - Dashboard app,

Sync Issues

If you notice that FamilyTime has stopped synching please check the following:
1: Have I got the latest version of the app installed?
2: Is the device online either via Wi-Fi or mobile data?
3:Could another app be conflicting with FamilyTime?