knowledge-base Features FamilyTime Text Messages Monitoring for Android

How to Setup/ Use FamilyTime Text Messages Monitoring for Android

Follow these very easy instructions to set up FamilyTime Text Messages Monitoring feature from your FamilyTime - Dashboard:

Step - 1

Log into your FamilyTime web dashboard or open your FamilyTime - Dashboard app.

Step - 2

Now under the child profile that you want to enable Text Messages Monitoring feature for, tap Settings.

Step - 3

Under the section, Family Watch, you will see that the Text Messages option. Make sure it is toggled on to get the feature work properly.

How to Use Text Messages Monitoring Feature (View Reports)

There you go, you have successfully set up the Text messages Monitoring feature on your child’s device from your Dashboard. Now in order to view reports of your child’s text messages, follow these steps:

Step - 1

From your Dashboard, tap Reports under the child profile you want to monitor text messages.

Step - 2

Now from the left bar menu, select Text Messages option.

Step - 3

Here you will see all the contacts that have sent or received text messages from your child. You can see the time & date stamps with each chat thread.

Step - 4

You can read all text messages in the chat thread by tapping one of those. Here you will see all messages sent and received by your child with full message content and date & time stamps.

How Text Messages Monitoring Helps

Monitoring text messages can help you in a variety of ways. Here are some of the ways the Text Messages Monitoring feature can help you:
  • Lets you stay in touch with what’s going on in your children’s lives. You can get a pretty accurate idea about their likings and preferences.
  • Alerts you instantly if your child is being bullied or is receiving hate messages or threats. This way you can instantly intervene and take action.
  • Gives you a heads up if your child is involved in sending or receiving explicit messages and images.

Best Practices – Tips to Using FamilyTime Places Feature

Here we share some of the best practices to make most out of FamilyTime Text Messages Monitoring feature. You can use the feature according to your needs or consider doing the following:
  • Go through the text messages of your children at least once a day and skim through any new messages. This will let you stay posted on your child’s updates.
  • If you come across an unknown number sending your child hate or threatening messages, you can put that number to Watchlist Contacts list. This will let you get instant alerts as soon as there is any contact with that number and your child.
  • Read your child’s text messages to get to know your child up-close. If you find something disturbing, have a chat with your child and discuss why you think it to be disturbing. This can help to strengthen your bond your with your child and rids you of inhibitions and suspicions.