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How to Setup/ Use Places on iOS Devices

With FamilyTime’s unique Places feature, you can get to know instantly as your kids visit unsafe places or locations that you don’t want them to visit. Simply define one or more places on your FamilyTime – Dashboard and get instant alerts even on the go.

How to Setup FamilyTime Places

Follow these very easy instructions to set up FamilyTime Places feature on your child’s iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch devices:

Step - 1

Log into your FamilyTime web dashboard or open your FamilyTime - Dashboard app.

Step - 2

Now under the child profile that you want to enable Places feature for, tap Settings.

Step - 3

Under the section, Family Watch, you will see that the Locations option is turned on by default. It should be turned on to get the feature work properly.

How to Use Places Feature

Step - 1

While you’re still in the Settings menu, tap Places option from the list under the Family Care section.

Step - 2

Tap Add on the top-right of the screen to add Places to the list.

Step - 3

Define the place name and mark the location on the map. Select the accuracy diameter from the options below the map and tap Add Place button.

Bonus tip:
  • Make sure you check the option to get instant alerts. You have successfully added the desired location to the Places list. Now tap Settings on the top-right of the screen to navigate to main Settings menu.

Step - 4

Don’t forget to tap Sync Settings to save your settings otherwise the feature will take longer to work on the child’s device.

Step - 5

The settings have been synced and you’re all set!

Step - 6

You will get an alert like this as your child enters one of the Places you have defined. You can check the date & time stamps and the current location of your child. Tap OK to exit.

Step - 7

You will get an alert like this as your child leaves one of the Places you have defined. You can check the date & time stamps and the current location of your child. Tap OK to exit.

How FamilyTime Places Feature Helps

Familytime Places (geo-fence) feature can help to ease out your parenting in a variety of ways. Here are some of the ways the Places feature can help you:
  • Alerts you instantly as your children wander to places that may be dangerous or not approved by you.
  • Saves the hassle of logging into your FamilyTime account again and again to check the current location of your kids.
  • With instant alerts, you’d never miss out on anything regarding your children’s whereabouts.
  • Gives you the peace of mind by letting you know your kids have reached school, home or their destination.

Best Practices – Tips to Using FamilyTime Places Feature

Here we share some of the best practices to make most out of FamilyTime Places feature. You can use the feature according to your needs or consider doing the following:
  • Add places like home, school, address of their co-parent to your Places list and get check-in alerts. This way you can know that they reached school and home on time even when you’re at work.
  • Define places that you think are unsafe for your kids like bars, downtown casinos or gaming spots and instantly know if they wander down the shady areas.
  • Get a heads up when your kids don’t reach home on time. Check their current location to know what’s keeping them from home.
  • Add as many places to your Places list when you’re out from home and keep getting alerts and know all is going well at home.