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How to Lock/ Unlock Android Phone

FamilyTime lets parents remotely lock/ unlock the Android smartphones of their children from their Dashboard. Follow these very easy instructions to set up and use Phone Lock feature on your child’s Android phone:

Step - 1

Log into your FamilyTime web dashboard or open your FamilyTime - Dashboard app.

Step - 2

To lock the Android phone, select the child profile and tap Lock Phone.

Step - 3

The app will ask you to set a device passcode and tap Set. You will need to set this passcode only once, next time, simply tap Lock Phone and the app will instantly lock phone.

Bonus tips:
  • To change this passcode, select that child profile and Tap Settings. Then tap Device Passcode under the Device section. Enter new passcode and tap Set.

Step - 4

And you’re done! Your child device will be locked in a few moments. You can check the status of your child device changed to ‘locked’ as you refresh your Dashboard. Please note that both parent’s and the child’s device needs to be connected with the Internet for the feature to work.

Step - 5

To unlock your child’s Android device, tap Unlock Phone under that child profile.

Step - 6

The Unlock Phone command has been executed on your child’s device and may take a few moments to get unlocked. You can check the status of your child device changed to ‘locked’ as you refresh your Dashboard.

How Phone Lock Feature Helps

You can use this intuitive feature in a variety of ways to make your parenting easier and effective. Here are some of the ways Phone Lock feature can help you:
  • Gives your children time to unplug and reconnect with reality.
  • Helps parents to directly control excessive mobile usage of their children.
  • Easy single-tap phone lock/ unlock button helps save time and quickly lock phone.
  • Helps protect sensitive data on the phone in case of phone theft, loss or damage.

Best Practices – Tips to Lock Phone

Android Phone Lock is an adaptable feature that you can use as it fits your needs. Here are some the useful tips to make the most of this useful feature:
  • Immediately lock phone as your child reports phone theft or loss to prevent personal data on that device to fall into wrong hands.
  • You can lock phone of your children as you discuss some important issue to prevent distracting emails, messages and social media notifications.
  • Phone lock feature can be used as an effective grounding punishment or till the time your children finish their homework or other household chores.