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FamilyTime Basics

What is FamilyTime?

FamilyTime is an all-inclusive parental control application that connects you with your family and keeps an eye on their whereabouts and manage their digital lifestyle. You can also use FamilyTime to collaborate with the co-parent effectively and to extend elder care to your aging loved ones.

Does FamilyTime run on all mobile phones?

Yes, FamilyTime time runs brilliantly on all Android smartphones and tablets, iPhone, iPads and iPod Touch and Kindle Fire Tablets and Fire Phones, too.

Will FamilyTime show up on my child’s phone?

FamilyTime is not a hidden app or some spyware. Therefore, FamilyTime will show up on your phone and that of anyone who’s been added to your FamilyTime Dashboard.

What does FamilyTime enable me to monitor?

You can keep tabs on the calls, contacts, browser history and whereabouts of your children and loved ones. You can check all features here.

Is FamilyTime free?

FamilyTime is a free parental control app however; the free version has limited functionality and features. If you want the best for your family, we’d suggest you go for FamilyTime Premium.

Downloading FamilyTime

Where can I download FamilyTime for Android devices?

You can download FamilyTime on Android devices on Google Play.

Where can I download FamilyTime for iOS devices?

You can download FamilyTime on iOS devices on App Store.

Where can I download FamilyTime for Kindle Tablets?

You can download FamilyTime on Amazon Kindle Fire tablets and Fire Phones on Amazon App Store.

Installing FamilyTime

Do Android devices need to be rooted to use FamilyTime?

No, FamilyTime does not require the Android devices to be rooted.

Do iPhones need to be Jailbroken to use FamilyTime?

No, FamilyTime does not require the iPhones to be Jailbroken.

How to install FamilyTime on my child’s mobile device?

You can install FamilyTime on your child’s mobile device by logging into your FamilyTime Dashboard. You can download the app from there. After that, we will send you activation code on the email address tied with your account. You’d have to enter that activation code on your child’s device to get it activated and running!

Getting Started with FamilyTime

How do I get started with the app?

Getting started is simple and fun. After downloading the app, activate your account with the login details emailed to you. Now you can start adding your family members to your FamilyTime Dashboard.

How to I connect my family on my account?

You can add children and loved ones to your FamilyTime Dashboard by adding them to your FamilyTime Dashboard. As you add a contact to your FamilyTime Dashboard, we’d send you an email with an activation code. By installing the app and activating with the activation code, they can be added to your account.

Can I add more than one child to my FamilyTime Dashboard?

Yes, you can add as many children to your FamilyTime Dashboard as you want to. But each child profile will be a separate subscription that means you will have to pay for every child profile you add. All parent profiles you add are free, however.

Where can I monitor my family from?

By logging in to your FamilyTime account on any web-enabled device, you can monitor your loved ones and their device usage stats, all at a glance from your dashboard. You can also do so by logging onto your FamilyTime Dashboard – the app.

FamilyTime Accounts and Billing

What is FamilyTime Dashboard?

FamilyTime Dashboard is meant only for parents. It’s a dashboard for parents from where they can keep an eye on their children’s call history, contacts, web history and location details. FamilyTime Dashboard can be accessed from any web-enabled device and you don’t necessarily have to install the app on your phone or tablet. You can log into your account from your PC, too!

What is the difference between FamilyTime Dashboard and FamilyTime app?

FamilyTime Dashboard is meant only for parents. It’s a dashboard for parents from where they can keep an eye on their children’s call history, contacts, browser history and location details. FamilyTime Dashboard does not collect any data or information from the device it is installed on. On the other hand, FamilyTime app is meant for your children. This app pulls data (call history, contacts, web history and location details) from the child’s mobile device and make it accessible to the FamilyTime Dashboard.

Can I access my FamilyTime account via PC?

Yes, you can access your FamilyTime account from any web-enabled device.

How do I activate my account?

All we need is your email address and name when you register for FamilyTime account. As you verify your email address, we’d mail your account details to you. You can then log into your FamilyTime Dashboard and start monitoring your kids.

How do I reset or change my account password?

We’d send you an auto-generated password upon registration. You can change that upon your first login by clicking on the application drawer on your dashboard and select Account from the menu.

FamilyTime Premium

What is FamilyTime Premium and what’s the difference?

FamilyTime Premium is the advanced version of FamilyTime with value-added features and premium 24/7 customer support. The free version of the app has limited functionality and features.

What does FamilyTime Premium cost?

FamilyTime Premium costs $1.46 per month for each child you add to your FamilyTime Dashboard. All parent profiles that you add to your FamilyTime Dashboard are free.

Where can I get FamilyTime Premium?

As you register an account with FamilyTime, you are offered a 3-day free trial. You will have to upgrade your service to Premium for each child profile you add.

Are my credit card details safe with FamilyTime?

Yes, all your Credit Card details are 100% safe with FamilyTime. We rely on most advanced and highly safe payment gateways for transactions, so you don’t have to worry at all!

Can I upgrade to FamilyTime Premium while my free trial hasn’t yet expired ?

Of course! You can upgrade your FamilyTime subscription to FamilyTime Premium anytime.

How do I upgrade my service to FamilyTime Premium?

If you have more than one child profile added to your FamilyTime Dashboard, you can upgrade your subscription separately. Simply click or tap on Settings button for the child profile you want to upgrade then select Upgrade to Premium from the menu.

Can I cancel my FamilyTime Premium subscription before it expires?

If you no longer wish to carry on your FamilyTime Premium subscription, you can cancel it anytime. But we strongly encourage you to first consult with our Support Experts to get any reservation or complaints resolved.

FamilyTime Features and Functionality

Does FamilyTime time work on Kindle, Android iOS devices?

Yes, FamilyTime works great on all mobile devices that run Android, iOS or Amazon Fire OS. That means FamilyTime is compatible with all Android phones and tablets. Kindle Fire Tablets and Fire Phones and all iPhones, iPads and iPod Touch.

Do all features work on Android, Kindle and iOS devices?

Due to the difference in the nature of the OS, some features may not work on iOS devices. You can check all the features that work on Android devices here, Kindle tablets here and iOS devices here.

What does FamilyTime enable me to monitor?

You can keep tabs on the calls, contacts, web history and whereabouts of your children. You can check all features here.

Does FamilyTime drain battery on the device it is installed on?

Not at all, FamilyTime app is designed in a way that it consumes very little battery on the device it’s installed on.

How frequently does the app collect data from the device it’s installed on?

FamilyTime uploads any new data from the device it’s installed on every 20 minutes. This way the app is very light on battery consumption.

Can my child uninstall FamilyTime from his/her phone or tablet?

Since FamilyTime is not a hidden app, your child can uninstall it like any other app on the device. However, FamilyTime strongly encourages parents to take their kids on board first and only install the app on their phones when they know what the app is about and how it will help parents in understanding their kids better.

FamilyTime Privacy and Refunds

Using FamilyTime, is my data and my family’s location and phone data safe and protected?

Absolutely, all your data is 100% safe and secure with us. We upload all your data on impenetrable servers. We take your privacy very seriously. For more details have a look at our Privacy Policy.

Will FamilyTime pull data from parent’s device?

No, FamilyTime does not pull data or any other information from parent’s device. If you have installed FamilyTime Dashboard on your phone, no data will be recorded from your phone at all.

What if I buy FamilyTime but don’t like the service?

That’s why we offer a free trial! You can try our application for free to see how it works and how it makes your family safe. We assume that you buy FamilyTime Premium only when you’re absolutely sure about how it works, which mobile devices it supports and what it offers. For more details on refunds, check out the Refund section in our Terms and Conditions.

Is it legal to use FamilyTime?

FamilyTime is totally legal to use. FamilyTime only encourages ethical parental controls and to monitor your own children. If you want to monitor your children 13 or under, you’d have to fill and return the Parental Consent Form acknowledging the fact that you know what information will be logged on your child’s phone. We do not sell products nor communicate with children and you cannot use FamilyTime to monitor your children 18 years or above. For more details, check out FamilyTime Disclaimer

I have more questions, who do I ask?

We’re always here for you. If you ever get in a fix or have any product-related query, you can contact our dedicated Customer Support Experts , anytime or drop us an email at

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