FamilyTime for Co-Parents

Because your children need time and care from both of you even if you don’t live together

Raising Your Kids as a Team

  • Make Your Presence Felt

    Not living with your kids could be emotionally challenging. Connect with them and discuss issues they’d rather discuss with you only!

  • Minimize Family Chaos

    With built-in chat messenger, stay in touch with your family and the co-parent. Schedule appointments and set reminders for important stuff.

  • Define Parental Roles

    Define roles and plan custody arrangements so that you could still work as a team. Avoid confusion and blame game that often follows!

  • Stay Posted

    Between meetings and during business trips; keep a check on your kids and their phone logs to know how they’re doing behind your back.

What Our Customers Say About Us!

Kenzie Murnan

Glitch free application The app works great. I love the feature of geo fencing. Because these feature save me from a lot of hassles of calling my kid again and again. I can now work peacefully while staying updated about my kids location. Till date the app works great and sends right notification.

Features that make FamilyTime

Don’t Let them Face the Brunt

  • Emotional Trauma

    Children from broken families are 5 times more likely to suffer damaging mental illnesses than other kids.

  • Lingering Guilt

    Broken family children suffer from depression because of a lingering guilt that they’re responsible for their parents’ separation.

  • Dropping Grades

    Emotional stress resulting from parting parents is a leading cause of poor performance at school in kids leading to drastically dropping grades.

  • Unhealthy Relationships

    Not knowing how to cope up, broken family teens indulge in unhealthy and abusive relationships to vent hurt and aggression.

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Why FamilyTime is the Best

  • Remote Control

    Log into your online FamilyTime account from any web-enabled device and enjoy Family Time anytime; anywhere! 

  • Automatic Updates

    We keep making FamilyTime better and better. Get automatic updates as we roll them to always get the best!

  • Your Privacy; Our Priority

    We respect your privacy and take it very seriously. We don’t sell or publish your data at any cost. Your privacy is our priority! 

  • All Devices; One Dashboard

    Add as many family members as you want to your FamilyTime Dashboard and see all their reports from a single dashboard!

  • Premium Support

    We never leave you in a fix! Get all your product-related issues resolved by our dedicated support agents instantly! 

  • Data Security

    Don’t worry; your data is safe with us over our highly secure servers. We take all measures to make our servers impenetrable.