FamilyTime Phone Lock Feature

Lock Phone Remotely

Now you can actually lock the smartphone or tablet of your child. Whether it’s time to do some chores or a family activity, get your children’s full attention because with FamilyTime, it’s as easy as a tap! And what’s more; you can lock phone of one or all your children from a single dashboard!

Instant Phone Locking

FamilyTime makes locking your child’s mobile device a breeze. Simply tap Lock Phone button under the child profile on your Dashboard, set a password and bang! The phone’s locked right away! There is no way they can us their phone or tab unless you enter the password. Pretty neat, eh?

No fun before chores!

Every child that you add to your Dashboard has its own phone lock option so you can lock their phone to give them a distraction-free time to finish their chores. When they’re done with their homework or household chores, you can easily unlock the phone – simple!

Have a Great Family Time!

We know the importance of a quality FamilyTime where there are no chat messages and emails keeping your kids occupied. Simply lock the devices of your children and enjoy your favorite show or a family activity without any distractions!

Lock 1 or more phones; we’ve got your back!

With FamilyTime, you can lock one or more phones from a single dashboard. Your Dashboard enlists all the child profiles added so you can lock device of a particular child or all- either way, we’ve got your back!

Unlocking is just as easy!

You can easily unlock your child’s phone or tablet, too! Just enter the password you selected on their mobile devices and the phone is unlocked!

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