The Most Powerful Limit Screen Time App for Android

Daily Limit - Limit Screen Time by App Usage Beta

Don’t want your kids to spend too much time on social media or gaming apps? Simply define a daily usage limit and the apps will be locked as the data limit is consumed for the day.

Limit the App Usage for all Distracting Apps

This unique feature lets you put app usage limits on the apps your children use the most. Simply add the apps and define a usage limit for them. As the limit exceeds, FamilyTime will blocks those apps for the day.

  • Set Daily Limit

    Before App Blocker
  • After Limit Exceeds

    After App Blocker

Access Control - Limit Screen Time by Phone Lock

Ever wished you could somehow unplug your teens? Now you can! Limit screen time on their phones during dinner and bed time or define custom rules. You have the power; you set the rules!
  • Study / Bed Time

    You can lock their smartphones during study hours and bad time so they can concentrate on their studies and take a proper night’s sleep. You can relax the rules for the weekend or change during exams – it’s all flexible.

  • Dinner

    Dinner time can be a great family time unless your kids get too busy with their mobile devices. Limit their phone access during dinner time so they can interact with each other and enjoy their meal. Set the Dinner Time and their phones will be locked during the meal times.

  • Custom

    You can define your own rules, too. Simply define a rule name and set the start and end times and select days for the rule to recur from your online dashboard for each child and you’re all done. You can define as many rules as you like

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App Control - Limit Screen Time
by App Blocking Coming Soon

With FamilyTime App Control, give them time to unplug and reconnect with reality – block distracting apps and games remotely.
  • Schedule App Blocking

    Now you can schedule app blocking easily from your dashboard. Define rules like Dinner Time or Bed Time and block all apps on your child’s phone during those hours.

  • Block Different Apps at Different Times

    You can also block different apps at differ times. If you don’t want them to be distracted during school time, you can block gaming apps. And when you’re all having family time, block social media apps. It works any way you want.

  • Set Once and Forget

    Set it once and forget, the app does it all automatically. It takes care of all the rules you defined and blocks apps without you having to do it each time.