Dinner Time Screen Locks

Dinner Time Screen Locks

It can be a little frustrating to see all your children using their phones and tabs during dinner time and there is no way you can get them off their devices – now there is a way! Set Dinner Time screen lock on their devices and have a great family time!

It’s Dinner Time!

Make your dinner times device-free by setting screen time for each child device once and enjoy your meals without any distraction. Simply set the time once from your FamilyTime - Dashboard and that’s all!

Enjoy Dinner without Distractions

Share your stories and interact without their mobile devices stealing their attention. As they try using their mobile phones, FamilyTime will show them a gentle reminder that it’s better to enjoy meal and have a great family time – everything else can wait!

They Can Reconnect but only after Dinner Time!

They can use their phone or tabs but only after they have finished their dinner. As the pre-defined dinner time that you set ends, their mobile devices get active automatically!

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