FamilyTime Insatlled Apps Logging

Keep Tabs on the applications they use in their mobile devices and detect the inappropriate ones

What is Installed Apps Logging?

  • Installed Apps

    FamilyTime lets you monitor all the applications installed in smartphones and tablets of your children

  • App Version

    You can also check the application version of the apps your kids have installed in their phones and smartphones.

  • Installation Date

    Tapping on the Installed App tab on your Family Time - Dashboard, you can check when a particular app was installed.

  • Usage Frequency

    FamilyTime lets you even check for how long your teens use a particular app and at what time.

How Logging Installed Apps Helps

  • Check their Installed Apps

    Keep a timely check on all the applications your children use on their phones and tablets to know what kinds of apps they use.

  • Excessive App Usage

    By looking at the app usage frequency, you can come to know if they use one or more apps excessively or late night.

  • Identify Inappropriate Apps

    Teens often get hooked up on dating apps and apps with adult content. You can instantly know if your kids install such apps.

  • App Usage during School

    Are your teens using their phones and distracting apps during school? You can find that out by checking the time for app usage.

Great Chemistry With Android & Kindle

  • Android Devices OS 4.0 and above

  • Kindle Fire Devices OS 4.0 and above

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